True Scape Design was hired to build a horizontal fence for our backyard. Even before we met, we knew we wanted to have these guys help us out simply based on their aesthetic and attention to detail. That was only validated by our first meeting when Joe came over to take a look at the backyard. He was not only enthusiastic and excited about what he does for a living, but also about our fence project. Joe explained how he strives to get long-term customers, which was great to hear as the fence is just the first step in our landscape needs.

From the start, Joe made sure we were comfortable and allowed us to be very much a part of the design process. He always listened to and appreciated our ideas and concerns. Always welcoming questions, Joe pushed himself to find the answers and to understand our needs. He absolutely appreciates the day-to-day challenges and sees them as opportunities for him and his company to grow.

Once the building started, it was no time before the fence was complete. The crew worked very hard and was always determined. It was great seeing the process they made at the end of each day. Whether it was early in the morning, into the late afternoon, or even in the rain, they were always moving full speed ahead! Joe’s crew also felt the same enthusiasm for landscape design and always welcomed my questions. They made sure I knew what was happening day-to-day.

Now that the fence is complete, we couldn’t be more happy! The outcome reflects the vision that Joe and his crew laid out which only helps build our confidence in True Scape Design. We cannot wait until the next project we can have them work on!

Chris Warlick