We Engage

Asking specific questions lets us understand your daily routines and needs. What we learn helps us to build a new space that feels perfectly natural and that you will move through it easily.

We Live

We all agree that in order to be excellent at our trade we must also be excellent in our personal lives. This company is really a firm of friends. You are going to love our staff.

We Design

With licensed and accredited Landscape Architects on staff, we produce permit-ready landscape plans for single and multi-family dwellings while defining the modern style of landscaping.

We Create

Each day we build, measure, and stretch, using all that we learn to create the next awesome thing with you. We achieve common goals with clients through collaboration and conviction.

Our Best Services

Reach out to us, and we will come together where form meets function to create something unique and amazing.

We are here to transform outdoor spaces and create a life changing, positive experience around each client’s home. Wanting the best for you and your space, our expert staff are open minded and professional.

We take seriously our responsibility in the growth and refinement of our city, and provide a wide range of design and construction services, specializing in just about everything outside your home. We speak the languages required in the official culture of rules, regulations, and best practices to create unique outdoor spaces that define modern landscape design.

For us, modern landscaping is more than just grass and shrubs and mulch. It includes not only color, contrast, light, and shade, but also pathways, proper drainage, and permitting. It’s about designing a look that fits the building it surrounds. At True Scape Design we’re more than just gardeners. We are thinkers and planners, coordinators and facilitators, as well as hands-on soil and plant specialists.

Landscape Architecture
Landscape Design
Hardscapes & Masonry
Green Roofs and Living Walls

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