Perhaps the greatest impediment to human creativity is the natural decay that sets in over time in any kind of medium or profession. In the sciences or in business, a certain way of thinking or acting that once had success quickly becomes a paradigm, an established procedure. As the years go by, people forget the initial reason for this paradigm and simply follow a lifeless set of techniques. You must not mistake newness with wild spontaneity. There is nothing that becomes repetitive and boring more quickly than free expression that is not rooted in reality and discipline.

Robert Greene
Our why


We take a lot of comfort and inspiration from this quote from author Robert Greene because we share the conviction behind it. These lines express how we feel about our work, and how we strive to master the conventional practices and requirements in landscape design and installation, knowing that mastery itself is not enough. We work to rethink and re-engineer those “established procedures” to create designs and techniques that are truly unique.

Our design style emphasizes the modern. We aspire to shape the definition of modern landscaping along with the look and feel of our city, and we enjoy working with clients who join us in this ambition. Every project is a chance to create a new style of outdoor space within the requirements of the city and within the customer’s budget. Each is a worthy challenge and ends in satisfying accomplishment. To get to that satisfying end, we work hard. Our team is well-trained in up to fifty core competencies that make up our practice.

A Team

We remember our favorite outdoor spaces from our formative years, and we remember how we felt when we spent time in them. With our clients, we create that feeling with uplifting outdoor spaces that reflect their values, that their families will connect with, and where they can connect with each other. Landscape architecture, design, and installation are our avenues to make positive life changes for our clients. We can’t wait to start the next project.

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