After speaking with several other firms in getting a bid for we ended up signing with True Scape Design.
Our 2018 job included removing a crumbling retaining wall and excavating a significant amount of soil to double our usable yard space. We pushed the wall back by 25 feet or so, poured a new retaining wall, leveled the yard, installed sod and fenced the entire yard.
True Scape worked with us through all of the phases of our project from design, permitting, demo, construction and landscaping. They delivered a gorgeous yard that we love.

Whenever we hit a snag they exceeded our expectations; working morally and ethically to find a reasonable solution. For example, they replaced nearly half of our pavers when glue stained them and left a permanent mark, at no cost to us. TrueScape was upfront whenever we had a choice to make that would impact the bottom line.

While we didn’t have a seamless installation, (there were schedule delays and we encountered significant issues with the soil during our project,) I can honestly say that the owner of TrueScape, Joe, and their crew were a pleasure to work with. They showed up on time, were professional, knowledgeable, cleaned up the job site and were really friendly to our kids. After having folks in your yard for 5 months straight, still being able to say you liked their crew is a pretty big statement.

In the end we left the project feeling:
* That we had a yard nicer and functionally more usable than expected
* That we stayed within our budget range
* We took longer than we hoped
* That True Scape absorbed the costs when there was any error on their side.
* They are an ethical and moral company which is a rare combination to find in businesses these days. They could have easily asked us to absorb some of the costs and they didn’t.
* Every time I look at my yard, I can’t believe it’s in our house. Gorgeous, Modern, sleek, functional and LOW maintenance. Exactly what we requested.

We found TrueScape via Houzz and are so happy we did.